Tip the Scales toward Life in Your Work-Life Balance

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” — John Rohn

We all know how important it is to find that perfect balance between our work and personal life. But few of us address the issue head-on. It’s puzzling when you consider how much is at stake. Our work-life balance determines the:

• Success of our relationships with family and friends
• Stress levels in our daily lives
• Quality of our physical and mental health, and even
• Our productivity at work

The sad thing is that when your work and personal life are out of whack, it’s usually your personal life that gets the short shrift.

Is Work Taking Over Your Life?

You’ve likely heard the adage that no one on his or her deathbed wishes they had spent more time at the office. We’re a country of over-achievers, and this is particularly true of service professionals, including attorneys, financial advisors and insurance agents.

According to the Harvard Business School research study, 94% of service professionals spend more than 50 hours a week at work. And half of that group works more than 65 hours a week. People in the services adopt an always-on attitude, supported by our addiction to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It’s time to get out of the rat race and back into the human race.

Find Your Formula for Work-Life Balance

When it comes to creating work-life balance, there is no one formula. It’s about discovering what works best for you and your family. That said, make sure you have time to:

• Enjoy family and friends.
• Pursue your passions whatever they are — traveling, learning, art or athletic pursuits.
• Take a break from the mental gymnastics. Whether you walk, run or workout at the gym, exercise keeps you healthy, improves your concentration and boosts your productivity.

And if you don’t feel your current job provides the flexibility you need to achieve your ideal work-life balance, consider ending that working relationship.

How to Schedule Work on Your Terms

Imagine earning a living with a career where you could schedule your time according to your needs. It could be yours as an affiliated agent with American Senior Benefits (ASB), a company dedicated to serving the insurance and financial planning needs of seniors.

As an affiliated agent, you are free to create your schedule. You can build personal downtime into it. You can be there for your children or elderly parents when they need you. Plus, there’s no need to be cooped up in an office all day long.

Right now, with seniors spending more time home due to the coronavirus, you would have more flexibility to reach them than ever before. They also have time to talk with you and not just by phone. Social distancing has young and old alike becoming proficient with video and conferencing technologies that support remote communication and virtual meetings. And there’s no need to interrupt your earnings due to the pandemic. You can work safely from home or be out in the field.

With ASB, you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Using the ASB lead system and marketing programs, you can automate the process of building your business. After all, you like to spend your time helping people and selling, not doing paperwork and administration.

With so much change in the air, now is the time to address your work-life balance. Start by injecting greater flexibility into your work schedule. You can achieve your career goals without sacrificing your family and personal life. Learn more about becoming an affiliated ASB agent and bring balance back into your life.

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